Unreal Engine 4.18 Released!

Epic Game Released Unreal Engine 4.18 today, hundreds of updates, and this release includes 98 improvements, major features as follow:


  • New: Volumetric Lightmaps
  • New: Improved Static Skylight Directionality
  • New: Multi-bounce Indirect Lighting from Skylights
  • New: Apple ARKit iOS 11 Support
  • New: Google ARCore Developer Preview Support
  • New: Clothing Tools
  • New: Media Framework Improvements
  • New: Sequencer Improvements
  • New: Improved Physics Asset Editor
  • New: Multi-Convex Generation for Physics Asset Bodies
  • New: RigidBody Anim Node Improvements
  • New: Global Find in Blueprints
  • New: Improved Cross-level Actor References
  • New: In-Editor Localization Preview
  • New: Array Reordering
  • New: Advanced Material Preview Viewport
  • New: Platform SDK Upgrades
  • New: Visual Studio Code Supported on Windows, Mac and Linux
  • New: Simplified iOS certificates and signing
  • New: Desktop-Class Forward Renderer on iOS(Experimental)
  • ….

Resource: www.unrealengine.com/unreal-engine-4-18-released

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